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Why do we need a new magazine on health, well being, complementary medicine, art, poetry, music?

I seriously believe, and so do all the contributors to The Badger, that we have in our hands the keys to our well being. Granted, not every individual on Mother Earth owns all the keys, it would be almost impossible, but each one of us has at least one or two keys at the ready and our intent is to show you and share with you keys that are already there and how easy it is to use them in our lives. 

Let me take this from the beginning:

the choice of our name: THE BADGER, the badger is a fierce animal, very much respected and honored both in Northern American Native traditions and in European Celtic ones, from what I have learned I have come to realize what a powerful healer the badger is.

A badger will not let go and will continue tenaciously to look for another way to tackle his goal, just like a good healer will not let go his/her search until the best solution is found for the person in need. Badgers have their homes underground so that they go to the roots of things, the good healer does the same and keeps looking until she/he can find the most profound reason for a dis-ease or a psychological issue.

I am using here the term healer in the very broad sense of somebody who takes care of another person, be it an MD, a nurse, a psychotherapist, a physiotherapist, a masseuse, a spiritual healer.

For me whenever there is a person in need and somebody who takes care of her/him, that is a healer, in fact, if you think of your own lives how many times was your Mum's or Dad's presence to make you feel better? Sometimes the need is subtler and more profound than a simple medical intervention, the human touch is needed and it really is the Panacea that cures all diseases.

At THE BADGER we believe that the arts in all their beauty, science for the good of everyday life, spirituality, philosophy, food, and the healing arts proper are beneficial to restoring that balance, health, and sense of worth that each and every human being deserves.

We offer you THE BADGER, the persistent healer.

All the articles come from experts in different fields and each writer has his/her own idea of what balanced health is.  

They are here to pass on information, give inspiration,

receive your comments, suggestions, contributions.


Each human being has at least one of the keys,

let's continue our ongoing quest!  


Antonella Vicini


Our mission continues. In the meantime, The Badger has steadily grown expanding its activities. We are in the process of publishing books, producing videos, and we continue our research with our volumes.
We are already writing and delivering professional courses in the evolutionary field both for individuals and companies, in-person and online.
We continue our search for the keys to a healthy and balanced life in every aspect of our human experience.

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