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The Badger Productions is glad to announce the birth of a new No Profit Association to protect the Arts in all their expressions, as well as the artists in need especially when they are most vulnerable: in their old age




THE BADGER for the Arts will protect and promote artistic properties as well as organize events and exhibitions, it will oversee the sales of their artwork and/or objects in order to support them in life and donate to the charities chosen by them, after their deaths.


The BADGER has always believed that the Arts in all their expressions are healing and beneficial to all human beings. In the same way the artists are healers and need to find support and appreciation. These goals can be best reached by a No Profit Organization that will benefit from The Badger expertise and will be able to receive grants and donations, it will receive inheritances from people who either want to support the arts, or from the artists themselves who desire to see their work exhibited and promoted.

"We believe all artistic expressions in their beauty, science for everyday life, spirituality, philosophy, food and the healing arts are beneficial to restoring that balance, health and sense of worth that each and every human being deserves."

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